Services & Offerings


Below is a summary of what I offer clients through one-on-one and group coaching, workshops, and via my online store and related pursuits.



Private Holistic Communication & Happiness Life Coaching

Who doesn’t want more joy in their life? As a Certified Happiness Life Coach, I can help you get to the root of your true desires and set a path to more joy and mindfulness in your day-to-day life. We'll tackle how you talk to yourself and renegotiate old stories that drag you down!



Custom Meditations

The best meditation practice is the one that works best for YOU. We’ll explore different modalities to find the one that’s the best fit. I will also create meditations for you based on your specific goals/needs.



Mindful Warriors Book Club

Our free mindfulness book club offers support and discussion on one new book selection per month. Topics include mindfulness, conscious business, emotional progress, and mindset.



Enlightened Relationship Workshops

Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single, my Enlightened Relationships workshop will help you boil down your relationship desires and fully understand their romantic needs.