5 Clues She's Not Into You

We've all heard "Maybe he's just not that into you," but the same can be said for that girl you're kind of in a relationship but kind of aren't in a relationship with. Despite popular belief, women use men for action all the time. While just one of these characteristics won't tell you much about where your relationship is heading, a combo of two or more are good indicators that she's just not interested in a relationship with you.

  1. You're always her "friend" when you meet someone new. Sure you may be out for drinks before going back to her place, but if she continually downplays who you are, she's interested in the FWB route, not relationship territory.
  2. She talks about sex. A lot. This may come in the form of bragging or genuinely curious conversation. And taken on its own, it's not a sign that she just wants sex, but if combined with some of these other red flags, it might be.
  3. You get booty calls but her calendar seems to be otherwise full. I'm sure plenty of men have loved the fact that they're a booty call, but if you're in the mood for a girlfriend, you should avoid late-night rendezvous with a woman who doesn't want to see you for dinner.
  4. She invites you over to her house often. Now, this could just be an awesome gal pal trait, but if she invites you over often, it means she trusts you. It could mean that she views you as just a friend, or it could also mean that she's totally into you so don't shy away too quickly if you want to spend more time with her.
  5. You never really talk. Relationships are built on communication, sharing laughs, and getting to know each other. If she keeps things light and always defaults to flirtation - say, when you're talking about politics or something objectively serious - then she might not be into you, honey.

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