Anxiety’s a bitch!


How do I know?

Because I live with it every day. Yep! I’m an empowerment coach, teach meditation, and have a Master Mindfulness Practitioner Certification under my belt, and I still get anxiety attacks!

The difference is: I’ve learned to control anxiety, instead of allowing it to control me. I can teach you how to do the same thing, so you can conquer your fears, speak your truth, and start manifesting your dreams!

My Favorite Quick Fixes

(And no, they don’t involve a basket-full of wine!)

  • Take 10-20 deep cleansing breaths. Seriously! It resets your nervous system and will bring you into the present moment.

  • Shake it out! This also resets the nervous system. The best time to shake it out is immediately after a stressful situation.

  • Write a to-do list and stop trying to carry those tasks around in your head.

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode to get rid of those crazy notifications that. Just. Don’t. Stop.

  • Hop over to my meditations page and use one (or more) of the recordings there.

Want more support & one-on-one attention?

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