Power Tools

What empowers you? Maybe you don’t know yet! That’s okay.
Explore these resources whenever you’d like and use the tools that work best for you!

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Love Your Body Master Plan
Self-Guided Course

Learn to love your body and yourself JUST AS YOU ARE! We use meditation, journaling worksheets, and mindfulness practices to help foster self-love & healing.

I found that there's a lot missing when it comes to being in love with ourselves. So I created this course with that in mind.


Discover Your Intuition 10-Day Oracle Card Challenge

Want to uncover the messages your intuition is DYING to tell you? Ready to infuse your day with a little more purposeful magic? My Discover Your Intuition 10-Day Oracle Card Challenge begins October 29th. 

Grab the deck of your choice (any will do!) and sign up via the page below:


5 Days To More Joy
Self-Care Practice

Learn the G.L.A.D. Technique, mindfulness self-compassion, radical self-care, and so much more through this self-guided five-day long series.

  • Day 1: G.L.A.D. Technique

  • Day 2: “Thank You”

  • Day 3: Loving-Kindness

  • Day 4: Self-Forgiveness

  • Day 5: Continued Joy