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My first love will always be the written word. For a very long time I believed that I was a much better writer than a speaker—thank you, mindset shifts for a change there!—and it’s still my go-to for releasing stress, organizing my ideas, and making sense of the world. Check ’em out here!

Non-Fiction Books

Transmissions from Dating Land: The Revised & Expanded Edition

The Revised & Expanded Edition of everyone’s favorite dating book! From hook-ups to break-ups, we’ve all experienced the horrors and wonders of Dating Land, but for some reason, you still find yourself in this strange world of half-empty wine glasses and odd texts in the middle of the night. If you’re tired of getting the run-around, Transmissions from Dating Land gives it to you straight – from a woman who has been there, done that, and stolen her fair share of ex-boyfriends’ t-shirts. Part advice book, part memoir, part workbook and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, Transmissions from Dating Land is the last dating book you’ll ever need.

What readers are saying:

Reading Megan Winkler’s work is like digging into your coolest girlfriend’s diary and finding out her secrets and tricks to the dating world. The “10 commandments” such as “thy shall trust thy gut” and “thou shall date like a dude” are even good messages for life. I will share this with my daughter (who’s still too young to date!) and my girlfriends in every age group. I even read parts of it to my husband, who was also entertained and engaged by her every-girl style. – 5-Star Amazon Review

If you want honesty, hilarity, and charm, this is the book. The first page drew me in and I couldn’t put it down. The descriptive writing makes you feel like you are there. The struggles of the dating world are real and Megan puts a truthful spin on it all, while making you feel like you’re chatting with your girlfriends over coffee.I’ve been married for 12 years, but I’ve recommended this to several of my single friends. Kind of like a road map of what you should avoid, and how a lady should be treated. Great read. Can’t wait for the next one. – Denise J.

Notes to Your Inner Self

Notes to Your Internal Self is a collection of reminders for you to read aloud to yourself when you need inspiration and enlightenment.



Wake of Darkness

College seemed like a good idea until Sophie Page realized that meant she’d be flooded with the thoughts of every single person in the lecture hall. Finding her way through early adulthood, intrigued by a handsome stranger, and gifted with a psychic ability that threatens to take her under, Sophie feels alone in the world.

When a typical day turns lethal, Sophie learns that the world is more than it seems. Suddenly caught between an old family and an ancient coven bent on revenge, Sophie learns that centuries aren’t nearly enough time for life, love, and revenge.

What readers are saying:

This book was a great twist on vampires! I enjoyed the new angle of half vampire/half human beings and the abilities they possess. I also especially loved that the characters were older rather than the typical 16 year old teenager, I felt it was more realistic for the story. It was a great story from page one and kept you going until the end. I have to say it is my new favorite vampire story, I loved it, and cannot wait for the sequel! – 5-Star Amazon Review

Revolution 2

In a society where everyone is equal, Bryn Craw finds that nothing is fair. After her friend and lover is killed, she sets off on the journey they’d planned together.

Freedom is within her grasp, but Bryn learns that she can’t run from her problems, but must face them head-on. Her problems just happen to come in the form of tanks, army battalions, and her petty sister — the heir apparent to the throne.

Together with a band of rebels, Bryn races against time to gain everything she’s passionate enough about to die for.

What readers are saying:

Okay, I have read several of Megan Winkler books and loved them all, but this one was by far my favorite! I felt it ended too soon and was wanting so much more when I finished but she is such an innovative author and intrigues my curiosity which I highly respect. Too many books are predictable and feel like rehashes of other books. I HIGHLY recommend this book! Hopefully there will be a second book coming our way soon! – 5-Star Amazon Review




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