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“As mothers ourselves, Aimee and I are learning what stress does to kids every day,” says Megan Winkler, CNSF. “We’re so excited to introduce kids to several different stress-reduction tools this summer.” The one-of-a-kind summer camp will take a mind-body-spirit approach to teaching kids how to handle stress.
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Donna on the Beach


Did it turn out as you expected?

Not at all, but I have – so far – gotten everything I’ve ever wanted, just in a different form than I imagined. I think a lot of us really get stuck on how things “should” look in our lives that we miss out on those moments that are exactly what we’ve been looking for. All because they don’t look the way we think they should.

I am a writer and a teacher, but if I’d had my blinders on and only accepted being a history writer and teacher, then I would feel like a complete failure. I always wanted to be married. I got married twice and divorced twice before I was 30, but now I’m “married” to a man who would never have been my type and it’s better than I imagined.
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The DFW Verb


I want people to not only chat about what they're passionate about, but why. Getting angry or upset about something is effective only if you're doing something about it and often the best path to doing something about it is to understand WHY it upsets you. I dive in and ask questions that make you stop and think, and really reevaluate what you're doing in the moment. On top of that, conversations are such a great way to bring people together and foster community. I've met so many fantastic friends by just starting a conversation with people -- Paschall Bar is my favorite place to do just that in Denton!
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The Denton Vibe


I appeared on The Denton Vibe with Diva Girl Ellie Dec. 12, 2017 and chatted about my work, my books, and more! 

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