Holistic Communications Coaching

What do I mean by Holistic Communications Coaching?

We communicate every day. Every time we glance at a stranger, every time we post something on Facebook, every time we smile at a child, we’re communicating. But it goes beyond that: Every time we call ourselves fat, every time we say we can’t do something, every time we’re convinced that we’re going to fail, we’re communicating.

So Holistic Communication Coaching tackles ALL of these lines of communication.

When you fix how you talk about yourself (because I’m willing to bet it’s not always nice) then you fix how you talk to others. When you discover what you truly want out of life – rather than just setting goals that you *think* you should want – then you’ll find some real, uncomplicated joy.

I’m all about happiness, but I understand it’s a journey. You don’t just wake up happy on day one. You don’t just ignore depression or anxiety. You have to work on it. Just like you’d be lifting weights at the gym to exercise your arm muscles, you have to exercise your happiness muscles.


Where do we start? We start with gratitude. You may not feel happy. You may be telling yourself that you’re useless or that you can’t do something right now. That’s ok. What CAN you be grateful for? What CAN you love about your life, right here, right now?

Why Tackle Communication from a Holistic Perspective?

Because you, you brainy, exciting, creative, loving babe you, are DYNAMIC! You aren’t one-dimensional, so why would we work on improving just one way you communicate?

I’ll be honest. I love my work. I love helping women seize control of their lives and feel better about the reflection in the mirror. I love helping people put their thoughts down on the pages of a book that inspires others. I love seeing women and teens realize that by shifting their thoughts and the way they talk to themselves, they can overcome just about any hurdle that life puts in their way. I love the peaceful look on people’s face when they come out of meditation. I love the harmonious way that women learn to approach the world when they learn what mindfulness truly is.

Most importantly, I love people. I want to make the world a better place. If I can help only one person, I want to help you. I want to help you discover how to heal yourself.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her.” -Dr. Christiane Northrup


About Megan

A Holistic Communications Coach, Megan combines her knowledge and training in meditation, mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, military history (yes, really!), writing, journalism, and public speaking to help women (and some men) overcome their fears and step into their wholeness with grace and ease.

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