My Meditation Story


Since I was first introduced to meditation in 2012, I have used it as a tool to help focus my work, improve my relationships, and step into my personal wholeness. I love it so much that it is one of the many things I teach clients and groups. In fact, it is the foundation upon which mindful communication is built. Here’s my meditation story:

My first experience with meditation was pivotal. I was a skeptic. Raised in a very conservative Southern Baptist home, my spiritual awakening was always tempered with a voice in the back of my head that told me anything with roots in other parts of the world was bad. But my longtime friend was teaching the class and I had witnessed a change in her that I couldn’t deny. She is also pragmatic and someone I trust, so I thought, why not?

That first class had me in tears. I met myself in that meditation – we were guided to envision a young version of ourselves so we could talk to them – and it was the most beautiful self-care moment of my adult life. I had to have more!

I had to teach others how to awaken and become their own guru!

In 2014, I became certified by the Neurosculpting® Institute to teach classes based on the Institute’s 5-Step process that relies heavily on neuroscience to facilitate healing. My love of the modality prompted my continuation with the Institute to become a Fellow of the NSI. As a Fellow of the Institute, I helped create the Youth Program and contributed to the annual journal with my white paper Brain Training and Meditative Exercises for the Mitigation of Occupational Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout in Health Care Providers

I also served as the Editorial Coordinator and the NSI’s blog is what it is today largely due to my efforts (meditation meets communication!). It was a fantastic experience.

My meditation practice helped me heal from childhood traumas, move past old stories that said I was fat and that I wouldn’t be attractive to my partner unless I was a size 8, overcome daily stress, move old emotions out of my body, and just live happier.

As 2016 came to a close, I sat down to evaluate my true wants and desires. I decided to use the tools I use for my clients on myself – so few coaches do that and so many more of us should!

Through my inner work, the word that came through bright and clear was EXPANSIVE. So 2017 began with a dedication to be expansive, and—for my other word of the year—expressive. (Thank you, Danielle LaPorte for the prompting to pick words for my Core Desired Feelings via The Desire Map.)

In 2017, I left the Neurosculpting® Institute and began my expansion into other forms of meditation. I enrolled in the University of Holistic Theology to begin my path to become a Certified Meditation Instructor (C.MI) where my focus is on Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is a whole different beast. It’s as rewarding as it is challenging. It brings you into the present moment in a way that I’ve never experienced before the modality. So what has it done for me? My stress is significantly reduced and I find that I can focus on the RIGHT NOW so much easier. My heart rate has also decreased by a beat or two per minute (I wear a FitBit so I can track such things). I’m also sleeping better than I’ve slept in years. Meditation for the win!

I love sharing meditation with others!

I now teach guided meditation based on a variety of practices including Mindfulness Meditation, Loving-Kindness Meditation, and other methods as I continue my studies. As we’ve heard before, teachers must always be learning!

I’m excited to serve as the Mindfulness and Meditation Coach for Meditation Daily, a brand-new extension of The Alternative Daily. You can catch me on The Alternative Daily Facebook for twice weekly LIVE mindfulness and meditation sessions.