10 Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care

10 Easy & Affordable Ways To Practice Self-Care

As women, we're really great at many things. One thing we kinda suck at, though, is self-care. It's "selfish." It's "indulgent." Well, I’m here to tell you it’s NOT selfish to take care of yourself.

Just as you increase the amount of vitamin C you take when surrounded by sick people, so too should you increase the amount of “me time” when things get stressful. But self-care doesn’t have to be all about expensive massages or sinking into a bathtub with a bath bomb every time you get overwhelmed.


10 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

  1. Eat mindfully. Instead of shoving food in your face, take some time to notice how everything looks, tastes, feels, smells, and even sounds. There are few things as satisfying as the sound of biting into a crunchy apple or water softly pouring into a teacup.
  2. Go cloud watching. Grab your kiddos and a blanket to do this! Lie on your back, breathe deeply, and look at the shapes in the sky for a while to recharge.
  3. Whether you bring up a video of your favorite comedian on YouTube or you ask friends for silly memes on Facebook, find ways to integrate humor into your day.
  4. Practice a mini-meditation. Do a quick 2-minute body scan meditation or breathe deeply for 10 cycles of your breath to reset your nervous system.
  5. Ideally, we should all be unplugging from our electronics an hour before bed, but unplugging for a bit during the day can be a great way to take care of yourself.
  6. Express gratitude. Gratitude increases our happiness and can help you practice mindfulness during your day too. Stop what you’re doing – especially when you’re stressed – and think of three things for which you’re grateful.
  7. And I don’t mean just self-help books. Sometimes there’s nothing better than escaping in the fictional story of a truly interesting character.
  8. Take a walk in nature. The grounding effects of walking in nature can’t be overstated. Listening to the birds, getting some vitamin D in the natural sunlight, and feeling the breeze in your hair can quickly boost your mood.
  9. Go on a “Beauty Scavenger Hunt.” On your way to work or while running errands along a familiar route, spot five things of unexpected beauty along your commute.
  10. Journal out your thoughts. Sometimes it helps to vent. Try “venting” to your journal and getting the thoughts that keep swirling in your mind out of there!

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