What Happened When I Started Pulling Cards Every Day

There's a lot of confusion and (I think) fear about Tarot and oracle cards. Now, I don't read Tarot, but I have several friends and many more internet acquaintances who do. I prefer oracle cards as there isn't anything to memorize and I can fully rely on my intuition to interpret what I see on the card.



I Am Queen cards by Outi Harma

I pulled the card spread above yesterday morning. I was inspired by a morning spread posted by @witchymoonastrology on Instagram (her website is coming soon!). The cards represent, from left to right, Theme of the Day, What to be Aware of, and What Energy Should I Bring Today? 

I then placed them on my desk so I would have to look over them to see what was on my computer screens. Anytime I felt overwhelmed or stressed, I looked at the Queen of Letting Life Move Through and remembered to Let. It. Go. The Queen of Self-Discovery helped me to remember to honor my innate curiosity, while the Queen of Creating Beauty seemed to whisper, "Hey, create first. The rest will follow."

Benefits of Using Oracle Cards

Now, yesterday is certainly not the first time I've drawn a card (or multiple cards) in the morning. It's actually a part of Stacy Nelson's The MasterSoul Process and is one of the many practices she suggests in her book for manifesting and connecting. I love the practice because it grounds me at the start of my day. It also sometimes helps fuel my personal meditation practice. 




I Am Power Deck by Love, Light & Legacy

The cards above are from the I Am Power Deck, one of my favorite card decks. I often pull from this deck in my [totally free, by the way] private Facebook Group. Sometimes it's really nice to focus on a simple statement like "I am Time," or "I am Light" during meditation.

Sometimes, though, the messages are so loud and clear that I can't help but see the pattern. Here's one:


You can see another Queen there in the middle, as well as two cards from the Medicine Cards deck. Actually, Medicine Cards was my first oracle card deck. I was so nervous and excited to buy them that my hands actually shook a little bit!

Anyway, this card spread was like getting hit in the head with a reality check. I won't go into the symbolism of the animal Medicine Cards - there's a book that goes with them - but let's just say these three together came through as a message that I need to slow down, focus on abundance, and just teach from the heart.

For me, oracle cards help with:

  • Grounding
  • Manifestation
  • Meditation focus
  • Connecting with my inner voice
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Reminding me to think outside the box
  • Slowing down to listen to what I really want

I mean, what's not to love?

Oracle Card Basics

So what do you need to know to get started with oracle cards? Not much, actually! Pick a deck that resonates with you and that you feel comfortable with. I picked the Medicine Cards deck because animal medicine has always fascinated me. I also like the longer explanations of each card in the included hardcover book. Once I became familiar with that deck, I moved on to others. 

Some, like the I Am Queen deck don't include explanations - you have to rely 100% on your intuition. Others, like the I Am Power Deck are so straightforward, no book is necessary.

  1. Start with a card deck you love.
  2. Hold the deck up to your heart and take ownership of the deck. You can just say something like, "This is my deck."
  3. Shuffle the deck with a question in mind, an intention, or an idea of the kind of card spread you want.
  4. As you lay each card out (if you're drawing multiple cards) pause after each one and really examine it. What does it look like to you? Don't pick up the book yet to learn more. Simply allow your heart and intuition to communicate to you.
  5. Draw as many cards as you'd like, and then open up the deck's book (if there is one).
  6. Examine all the meanings and journal about the cards.
  7. Lovingly place cards on your desk, altar, or bedside table as a reminder throughout the day, if you'd like.

Easy as that!

If you'd like to explore some cool oracle card spreads, I've created a Pinterest board of my favorites around the internet. 

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