5 Simple Ideas For The Perfect Galentine’s Day

The last thing you want to do when you're single is celebrate Valentine's Day, but GALENTINE'S DAY? Sign us up! Want to host a fantastic evening in or go out with the girls? Here are 5 simple ideas for a fun-filled Galentine's Day.



1.     Plan a Beauty Night: Break out the bright nail polish, the swag from ipsy you never got around to trying, or stock up on outrageously adorable sheet masks and enjoy a pampering evening in. Even better, binge watch something you all love like Pitch Perfect, or for something a little unexpected: a horror film! Why not have fun with it?

2.     Paint the Town Red, but in Yoga Pants: Why not head to your favorite wine bar or martini lounge in yoga pants, a high bun, and minimal (if any) makeup? I guarantee any lady bartenders (and probably some of the dudes slinging drinks) will LOVE you for your honest Galentine's celebration.

3.     Hit the Spa: There are couples' massages, why can't there be besties' massages? Go get your toes done and drink some bubbly. Try an absurd sounding yoga class you've been contemplating. Whatever floats your boat!

4.     Pretend You're 10 Again: Bust out the coloring books, pop some popcorn and build a pillow fort. I'm serious! When's the last time you built a pillow fort? If you answered anything longer than 24-hours ago, then it's time for another one. (If you answered yesterday, then you, my friend, are winning at life!)

5.     Plan a Girls Only Brunch: Galentine's Day is for everyone! If your man is taking you out that night, plan a Galentine's Day brunch with your besties. Mimosas and omelets never taste so good as they do when shared with a side of laughter and sisterhood.