What Does It Mean To Harvest?

Throughout our lives, we plant seeds – they are the patterns we live our life by, the stories we tell ourselves – and they become things. These things might be fears we’ve carefully cultivated over years of tending; they might be personal miracles that we forgot we had the ability to create.

It's magical harvest time! What does that mean for your mindset?

Traditionally, fall is when farmers have gone out into their fields to harvest the plants they have cultivated. In the most literal sense, they are reaping what they sowed. For October, I challenge you to look at all the good you’ve sowed over the past nine months. What’s worked? And as you examine things, ask yourself what didn’t work. But whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up over those things that didn’t work. Instead, look for ways to take lessons from them.

You may even want to write a list out. On one side of the page, write down what has worked or gone well this year. On the other side, write down things that didn’t work out so well. Is there a pattern? What can you learn from both lists?

For instance, in the first list, you might find a trend that your creative pursuits were successful or that you’ve made giant leaps at work with a promotion or a great outcome on a project.

As part of my 90 to ’19 – the last 90 days of the year – my focus for October is to help you remember the good of this crazy, crazy year. I’m also going to help you rewrite some of the stories that aren’t working out for you – those pesky limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Let’s harvest together, and get ready to clear out some of the weeds in our minds and souls to make way for something new!

Happy October!