"Girl, I've Got Your Back": The Inner Healer In The Divine Feminine

Note from Megan: This blog is the second in a three-part series highlighting my model of our inner selves: the Inner Child, Inner Healer, and Inner Queen. Unlike the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone figures), I like to think of our inner selves as having three identities that coexist in adulthood. Our Inner Child exists alongside our Inner Healer and Inner Queen. Together, they take care of each other and come out when we need something. Again, this is just a model of behavior and personalities - a little bit (non-screwed up) Freudian Psychology mixed with some magic, a little bit of Wonder Woman, and a great deal of resilience. Read about your Inner Child here.

Your Inner Healer is ready to help you move through old stories and heal from minor ailments.

“Physician, heal thyself.” Simple though this phrase may sound, it’s intended for everyone - even people who don’t have a medical degree - and it’s kind of deep when you dig into it.

I’m not usually one to reference the Bible as it is open to interpretation and loaded with meaning for lots of people, but I was surprised to find that the phrase actually comes from the Book of Luke in the New Testament. The general meaning is, according to The Phrase Finder, “Attend to one’s own faults, in preference to pointing out the faults of others.”

This can mean that you either need to take care of yourself to help others OR if you’re ill, you can’t heal others. Now, not everyone reading this post will be a healer of some sort; I get it. But, we all have the capacity for self-healing, and we NEED to self-heal. Essentially, it’s the concept that says you can’t pour from an empty cup. That’s where our Inner Healer comes to play.

Don’t confuse the Inner Healer as an alternative to seeking care!

Now, before we dive in, I’m NOT suggesting for a moment that you forego any medical or psychiatric treatment for an ailment. If you’ve got the flu, for example, no amount of emotional and inner work is going to heal you. I do believe your mindset can help you heal faster, though, so after you’ve seen a doctor, let your Inner Healer help too!

The Inner Healer also won’t necessarily cure you of your depression. But when you “invoke” her, through mindset shifts, mindfully choosing who you hang out with, what you eat, how you choose your entertainment, and by making sure you go to your therapy appointments, she will help you.

All this is to say that claiming the mind can heal you of anything can be extremely harmful. So please, seek out healthcare professionals as you work on healing yourself.

Our Inner Healer stokes the fires of intuition

I personally call on my Inner Healer when my Inner Child feels vulnerable. I imagine a nurturing woman scooping a small child up in her arms and holding her closely. I also call on her when my Inner Queen is feeling a little too quick to pick up her sword and defend my honor.

Heal thyself!

I also call on my Inner Healer when I’m having a down day and I don’t know what I need to make myself feel better. Sometimes, it’s opening the window in my office, burning some frankincense, and listening to hang drum music. Other times, it’s silly videos on the internet. I imagine the Inner Healer standing over a hearth, stoking the fires and intuition. She knows exactly what I want and need - I just have to tune into her energy.

“The Divine Feminine is the warrior and the healer...in a womanly package.” - Danielle LaPorte

Recently, I consciously drew to mind my Inner Healer when I was confronted by some old people and stories from my past. The situation brought up a lot of gross emotions and second-guessing of myself. I also felt my body responding to the emotions: I was suddenly flushed like I had a fever; my neck and upper back became stiff as a board; and I was nauseous.

Ask: what do I need?

“What do I need?” I asked my Inner Healer.

In this case, I needed some calming tea, some White Angelica essential oil on my neck, and a neck and shoulder massage to release some of that tension. I used the oil and brewed some tea, but it wasn’t until I asked my guy for a massage that I finally felt relief. It was one of the most bizarre intuitive-physical experiences of my life: as soon as he hit the right place on my neck, I felt cold all over, a rush of relief, and even more awake.

The combo of self-care was pretty standard and normal. I released a lot of trapped emotions, energy, and stress beforehand too, but it was when I listened to the simple requests from my intuition that I finally felt relief.

Most of the time, the Inner Healer wants something that will make you think, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?!” There have been times when I’ve asked myself what I need when I have a headache and have been surprised to receive the reminder that I hadn’t taken my allergy medicine that day. Twenty minutes later and boom! No more headache. Before I asked myself what was up, I drank a bunch of water (thinking it was dehydration), rubbed my neck, sprayed magnesium oil on it, and even did some yoga to relieve tension. I’ve learned over the years to save myself the time and annoyance and just ask myself what I need right away.

Characteristics of your Inner Healer

The Inner Healer is intuitive and she laughs gently with wisdom and understanding. She’s nurturing and bridges the gap between the Inner Child and the Inner Queen. She’s not a pushover, however, so don’t think that she’ll let the Inner Queen get her way if she doesn’t agree to it. She heals both the Inner Child and the Inner Queen, as well as herself.

A challenge for you:

I encourage you when you’re struggling with stress, a headache, a minor stomach ache, or those stories from your past creep in, imagine going deep into the center of your heart or mind and finding your Inner Healer there. What does she look like? How can she help you through your present struggle?

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