Is Zoning Out Bad?


Zoning out is completely normal. If you take the time to notice when you zone out, you might learn why you do it. So let’s start by noticing when you zone out.

  • Does your mind shut down when you’re driving? It might be because you’re driving on a very familiar road.
  • If you zone out during mealtime, it could be that you’re distracted by the activities of the day.
  • What if you zone out during sex? You might not be feeling a connection with your partner.

Is Zoning Out Always Bad?

Not at all! According to research published in Psychological Science, when our mind wanders, we’re engaging in “creative incubation.” It’s a time to brainstorm new ideas or to let our brains work through a problem while we just kind of lose ourselves in a daydream. It might also help us with planning ahead, according to researchers at the University of Liege, Belgium.

Let’s face it, our brains need a break, but if you want to stop drifting off into la-la-land during certain activities like those mentioned above, keeping a journal might help. Just jot down the activity and the time of day that you zone out. Then see if there’s a common theme. If so, you can turn your attention to those moments and control more of your engagement with them.