It's OK to Feel Down


I have a confession to make: I woke up irritable today. My allergies were in overdrive. I’d had horrible, frustrating dreams. One of my writing clients is pushing for the close of a book, but OUR clients are busy and the two aren’t in alignment on timing, so that’s annoying. Little things seem to be bugging me in ways that they normally wouldn’t. And OMG it’s only Wednesday!

Do you ever feel like everyone else in the world is doing better than you? That they’re somehow living full lives and you’re missing something?

It’s OK. I feel it too. The pressure to be perfect. The pressure to be full of joy all the time.

Sure, I’m a very happy person, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes. It’s OK if you do too! Perfection is an illusion! Sure, you can be perfect at something, but you will never be perfect. I won’t either. No one is perfect, but that’s what makes us beautiful.

So how did I pull myself out of my funk?



Write it Out

Well, I started with sitting down with my journal. I call this time my talking with the Universe. Sometimes it’s just rambling and other times it’s a note to Spirit/God/Creator/the Universe. I find answers when I write out questions and really take the time to listen. Today I also made sure that this morning journal time included gratitude. I listed out as many things as I could that I’m grateful for.

Light it Up

Then I lit a candle and meditated for probably a minute (literally, just one) by visualizing all the love and gratitude that the light of that candle would draw in. And then I got down to business for the day.

Did my little morning ritual fix everything right off? No.

Did it help? Absolutely.

Some days it’s harder to be intentional about our happiness and I want you to know that even someone like me, who talks about being happy all the time, isn’t happy ALL the time.

So how are you? I really want to know. I think you’re phenomenal.