Hey Babe!

I'm Megan, a devoted Empowerment Coach, health advocate, and real woman.

I conquer anxiety every day. And as a result, I’ve been able to build a business, experience life-changing travel and concerts (seriously, anxiety almost kept me from a concert that ended up being one of the most healing experiences of my life), write several books, and live my best life!

When I was a child, I lost my person, my Nana. Her passing, when I was five years old, left me feeling insecure, scared, and depressed. A few years later, my concerned parents took me to a counselor who, I now realize, didn’t really know what to do with me and was quite leading in our sessions. Fast forward to adulthood and I experienced depression off and on, most severely after the birth of my daughter. When I told my then-husband that I thought I needed to talk to someone, that I might have postpartum depression, he responded with, “You’re just tired.” So, being depressed and lacking the energy to stand up for myself, I didn’t do anything else for myself for a while…

It was only when our marriage fell apart and I was a single mom that I knew I couldn’t wait around for a knight in shining armor. No one was coming to rescue me and no one was going to make my struggles magically disappear.

So, I started shifting my mindset and practicing mindfulness - before I had any idea what mindfulness was!

When I felt like the walls were caving in, I stopped, closed my eyes, and reminded myself of the good in my life. I practiced gratitude. I resisted the urge to self-harm. I persevered through several very dark years and came out the other side, not unharmed, but stronger than ever. Like a warrior queen whose scars made her that much stronger.

Then My Journey Into Meditation Began…

In 2012, I was introduced to an innovative form of meditation that combined all the woo-woo aspects of the practice with neuroscience. I’ve always been a spiritual person, but this was the integration I needed to satisfy my inquisitive mind. A couple years later, I became certified to teach this modality and had the privilege of mentoring other meditation teachers as a Fellow.

As is usually the case in life, after a couple of years, I felt called elsewhere. So, I resigned my certification with the NSI and began studying Mindfulness Meditation at the University of Holistic Theology. I then went on to complete a Master Mindfulness Practitioner Certification.

My Style

Multi-passionate to the core (I've even written a couple of novels for fun), I infuse my work with inspiration, compassionate guidance, a little bit of woo-woo, and real-life stories designed to help others become their best selves. Seriously, I'm not perfect. I don't expect you to be either. 

Over the years, I've worked with and coached entrepreneurs, physicians, nutritionists, chefs, massage therapists, architects, and everyday women on how to infuse their lives with mindfulness, publish their own books, branch out of their chosen career, tap into their intuitive gifts, increase work productivity, boost happiness at home, increase spirituality, and live with more satisfaction.

Because I know people are interested, my certifications include:

  • Nutritional Therapy (2014)

  • Meditation (2014)

  • Happiness Coaching (2016)

  • Relationship Workshop Facilitation (2017)

  • Master Mindfulness Practitioner (2018)

I also hold a degree in military history and American history from the American Military University (2011), a history degree from the University of North Texas, as well as 40+ hours of coursework in psychology from UNT (2008).

A Few Fun Facts:

 Me, sunburned and happy on Smathers Beach in Key West, Florida.

Me, sunburned and happy on Smathers Beach in Key West, Florida.

  • I'm an Aquarius with ascendant Scorpio. I'm told this means my strengths are that I'm independent and progressive and my weakness is an unusual, rebellious and revolutionary spirit. They all sound like strengths to me.

  • I travel to Key West at least once (if not twice) a year. I call it my Soul Home and it's where I am the happiest, outside of my more permanent home in North Texas.

  • I’ve written several books including Intentionally Happy: Mindfully Move From Surviving to Thriving with Joy, Transmissions From Dating Land, and Meditate Now: A Blueprint to Quieting Your Mind.

  • My favorite color is purple, although I love turquoise too.

  • I hate peanut butter and also root beer. But I love sushi, lima beans, Brussels sprouts, and coffee (although not together).

  • I collect post-it notes and pens to the point that it might actually be a problem...

  • Jackson Pollack paintings set my heart ablaze, but any time I can get to the Modern Museum of Fort Worth, I come back full of inspiration and creativity.

  • I was one of two women in my master's program and loved it.


Are you ready to ditch anxiety?

To live the life you’ve always dreamed of? To create a meaningful and satisfying life? To finally trust yourself?

I know you have the same power within you that I do – the drive, the hunger, to be more and do more, but in a sustainable way.

To empower every aspect of your life while remaining heart-centered, happy, and kind.

Today is the day, my friend. The time is NOW.

Don’t put your life and your peace on hold for any longer. Trust me, life-changing moments are fantastic for shifting your focus and redirecting your energy, but boy do they hurt.

The changes I’ve made in my life are simple, they just take a little heart.

Join me on this journey. Here’s the first step. And it’s totally free: