Coming into alignment

Hey Soul-Full Sister

I know you. I see you. You're the lady who knows there's more out there than the nine-to-five grind, binge-watching Netflix, and eating at the same old restaurants. You've felt the draw to things spiritual and transformative, to the bigger, hard questions in life, but you're afraid that stepping too far off the beaten path will lead you to darkness.

You don't want your friends or family to call you crazy, but you want to try things like meditation. You want to give mindfulness a run, but don't know how to proceed. You want to break your old patterns, draw oracle cards, sage your office, study the moon, and feel more feminine. You also want some scientific evidence and someone to gut-check you as you explore this side of yourself. That's why I'm here.

I help women just like you step into their grace and greatness through their communication with themselves and the people in their lives. I help ladies explore their feminine side while honoring their masculine side. I'm the person you turn to when you want to talk about the things that make others uncomfortable: personal transformation, enlightened relationships, meditation, and kick-ass self-talk. This is how:


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