It started with a book idea: Transmissions from Dating Land. Always one to be sought out for advice, Megan joked that she should get paid for it. "You should write a book!" said a friend, and a few months later, her first was published. Since 2012, Megan has been advising and coaching women on improving their communication, relationships, and boosting their happiness.


Inspiring women to find their best selves through meditation and mindfulness practices.

Anyone can adopt mindfulness in their daily life and, in fact, it’s crucial to effective communication. I believe that by starting with a few simple practices throughout your day, you can learn to develop mindfulness like any other habit. Using techniques from neuroscience, psychology, and modern coaching practices, we come up with individualized mindfulness and communication plans that work for YOU.


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Driven by a love for others. Helping you discover your potential.

Everyone can choose to make a difference in their lives or in the lives of others. We can heal ourselves – even if we need the help of a medical or psychiatric professional – and we can make our lives better through mindfulness and meditation. It starts with the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we allow others to tell us.


Connecting through shared experiences, meditation, and community.

We’ll look at different aspects of your life to see where you can use mindfulness first to prioritize your journey. We’ll find out where your stories and how you communicate with others might be standing in your way. And we’ll discover what really makes you happy in life, what your true desires are and how to live with more joy. Private and exclusive Facebook groups and other communities help you find and learn alongside others on their journey.

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