Find Whole-Life Alignment
and Live Your Best Life


Hi y'all!
I'm Megan Winkler

Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Author & Teacher

It's time to do better, be better & live better.

That means it's time to look beyond our own navels, take responsibility for our place in the world, and help each other out. 

It's time to live in True Mindfulness and Whole-Life Alignment. 

Personal mindfulness is life-changing. It alters how you think about yourself, what you eat, how you deal with stress, how you care for your body, and much more. But it isn't the full story.

If you've checked off all the self-care boxes, made it to each and every barre class, spent time in meditation, have a fulfilling career and home life, but are still feeling stuck, unsatisfied, or like there's something missing, I have news for you. There IS something missing.

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It's called Interpersonal Mindfulness and it takes you out of your comfort zone. It changes the world. It brings people together and challenges you in new, different ways. And it makes you happier.

My mission for you is to help you reach True Mindfulness, one that encompasses both personal and interpersonal mindfulness. And when you do, your whole world is going to shift!

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I’ve tried other mindset work before, but with Megan it was different. I learned about why I was stressed and why I felt the need to be quiet and not cause a stir at work and at home, all from a biological standpoint so I could change it! Highly recommended!
— Madelyn B.