Ready to Live Happier?

Mindfulness is the Key.


Hi I'm Megan Winkler!

Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Author & Teacher

It's time to live happier! 

And you do that through embracing Holistic Mindfulness - a practice that takes on personal mindfulness with interpersonal, social, environmental, health, and consumer mindfulness.

Personal mindfulness is life-changing. It alters how you think about yourself, what you eat, how you deal with stress, how you care for your body, and much more. But it isn't the full story.

My mission for you is to help you reach authentic, Holistic Mindfulness, one that encompasses both your personal journey and your place in the larger scheme of things. And when you do, your whole world is going to shift!


It's Time To Shed Your Old Stories & Live Happier!

Are you ready to release old stories, challenge your perceptions of who you THINK you are, and embrace a life of mindfulness, creativity, personal magic, and success? Let's get started.

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I’ve tried other mindset work before, but with Megan it was different. I learned about why I was stressed and why I felt the need to be quiet and not cause a stir at work and at home, all from a biological standpoint so I could change it! Highly recommended!
— Madelyn B.