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Babe, It’s time…

To say goodbye to anxiety’s hijacks (because that’s gettin’ real old, real fast), tune into your innate intuition, and own your stories instead of allowing them to own you.

Ready to take the next step? I’m Megan Winkler, your Empowerment Coach. Read on to learn more about my work.

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Quick Anxiety Fixes


Anxiety’s a bitch. How do I know? Because I live with it every day. Yep! I know what it’s like to deal with anxiety attacks and constant battle it takes to keep it together.



I invite you to open up to your higher self. Connect with your heart and your soul. You’re more powerful than you realized and #lovedAF. Explore these meditations to bring you peace.

Power Tools


Your innate power is just WAITING to be unleashed! Get ready to tap into that power, find your voice, and finally live the authentic life you crave! “Power Tools” are the empowering tools my clients love.



“Megan is a ray of love and support in a world that needs more people like her. She is intelligent, uplifting, inspirational, real and funny. She lives her passion and it’s highly contagious. She provides unparalleled support and advice for personal or professional guidance and problem solving. I regard Megan as a highly trusted life consultant and confidant. Her meditations are also amazing!!!” - Wendy S.


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