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be happy

Happiness is within reach.

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fix your relationship patterns

Tired of Dating Land? Keep making the same mistakes? Stop that pattern in its tracks.

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improve your communication

Got an idea? Let's talk! Writing a book is easier than you think!

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Work With Me

Learn how to use the natural and automatic processes already in your brain to help you rewrite old stories, overcome trauma, conquer fear, and manage stress. We’ll integrate multiple modalities focused on healing, including nutritional support, happiness coaching, neuroscience-backed meditation and communication techniques I’ve learned over nearly a decade of experience in the publishing and […]

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Set Your Intention Today

Everyone needs THAT friend! The one who tells you like it is, who helps you find some sanity in a very crazy world. Are you ready to rewrite your personal story, learn mindfulness, and live with less stress? Apply for an intention call today to discuss your goals, aspirations, and current challenges. Whether you want […]

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Need a little inspiration in your day? Browse this page! I update it regularly, so be sure to check back often. Please feel free to share and post other places, but please do not edit or remove my information at the bottom. Enjoy!  

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My Books

Transmissions from Dating Land From hook-ups to break-ups, we’ve all experienced the horrors and wonders of Dating Land, but for some reason you still find yourself in this strange world of half-empty wine glasses and odd texts in the middle of the night.  If you’re tired of getting the run-around, Transmissions from Dating Land gives […]

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I’m so glad you’re here! Be sure to have a look around and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to just connect!

My Work

I work with women, men, and kids to help them live happier, more graceful lives. We delve deep into the neuroscience behind stress, investigate what you really want out of life, discover who is dictating the story in your head, and learn how to move through daily situations with more grace and ease.

Discover Where Your Happiness Lies (1)

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Here I am in Action – and on Vacation!

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My Beliefs

Harmony: I believe in living in harmony. I think a “balanced” life is a myth and it just stresses us out. Living one’s life in harmony and alignment is so much easier and involves a gentle shift.

Mind + Body + Spirit: I believe that the mind, body, and spirit all work together as one. What we believe influences how we feel. What we feel influences how we relate to others. Bringing all three into harmony with one another is, in my opinion, the best way to live.

Inspiration: I believe inspiration is everywhere and there’s no wrong way to go about being inspired…unless you’re Dexter Morgan! If inspiration hits you in the middle of the night, great! If inspiration visits you easiest when you’re hiking on the trail, fantastic!

Imperfection: I believe that we’re all beautifully flawed. Sometimes those things we see as flaws are actually among the best things about us.

Creativity: I believe that we’re all artists in some form or another. We want to express ourselves and do so through paints on a canvas, clay in our hands, words on a page, or lyrics in a song.

Resilience: I believe that we’re all stronger than we realize. You’ve GOT this, babe! Trust me. Fear, anxiety, grief, and resistance to change are normal and natural – it’s just your brain doing its job!

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My Intention

It is my intention that you see the beauty inside you. I intend to lead you to that place in your heart of hearts where you can truly love yourself and find true happiness. I want to change how you view yourself in the mirror – not because I’m going to tell you how to lose weight, but because I intend to show you how fantastically intelligent, beautiful, and powerful you really are.

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“Neurosculpting® with Megan is an experience that has helped facilitate increased emotional self-awareness and has helped give me tools for stress reduction. Megan has a relaxed and positive outlook on life that is contagious. Sessions emphasize calm deep breathing, listening to your body, improving a sense of wellbeing as well as fostering imagination and creativity through development of emotional descriptors. In just a few sessions with Megan I have become more confident in my ability to incorporate meditation and stress reduction techniques as a regular part of my life.” ~ Andrea N.