take charge of your lifefix your relationship patternswrite your book

take charge of your life

Happiness is within reach.

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fix your relationship patterns

Tired of Dating Land? Keep making the same mistakes? Stop that pattern in its tracks.

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write your book

Got an idea? Let's talk! Writing a book is easier than you think!

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Work With Me

Learn how to use the natural and automatic processes already in your brain to help you rewrite old stories, overcome trauma, conquer fear, and manage stress. We’ll integrate multiple modalities focused on healing, including nutritional support, happiness coaching, neuroscience-backed meditation and communication techniques I’ve learned over nearly a decade of experience in the publishing and […]

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Set Your Intention Today

Everyone needs THAT friend! The one who tells you like it is, who helps you find some sanity in a very crazy world. Are you ready to rewrite your personal story, learn mindfulness, and live with less stress? Apply for an intention call today to discuss your goals, aspirations, and current challenges. Whether you want […]

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Need a little inspiration in your day? Browse this page! I update it regularly, so be sure to check back often. Please feel free to share and post other places, but please do not edit or remove my information at the bottom. Enjoy!  

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My Books

Transmissions from Dating Land From hook-ups to break-ups, we’ve all experienced the horrors and wonders of Dating Land, but for some reason you still find yourself in this strange world of half-empty wine glasses and odd texts in the middle of the night.  If you’re tired of getting the run-around, Transmissions from Dating Land gives […]

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North Texas Neurosculpting®

What is Neurosculpting®?

To put it simply, Neurosculpting® is a 5-step brain training process that can strategically help you release the grip of old patterns and entrain your brain to create new and more supportive patterns, habits, and behaviors.

“In more specific terms, Neurosculpting® was developed as a method to support self-directed neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to transform, through the union of neuroscience and meditation practices to aid in the down-regulation of chronic CNS (Central Nervous System) arousal states. Unique to the Neurosculpting® methodology is its methodical structure and intentional whole-brain engagement designed to support the management of stress through specific languaging, and simultaneously up-regulate focused attention through life practices including brain-specific nutrition.”

5 step process


I use Neurosculpting® every single day of my life. It grounds me, centers me, and has made me a more peaceful human being. Vacations are better because I’ve learned to live in the moment. My relationship with my daughter is the stuff of Hollywood because I am able to tune into her life and her needs and she’s one of my favorite people. My relationship with my partner is even better – we are so utterly mindful of our conversations and how we relate to one another that we peacefully disagree but don’t fight. When I’m overwhelmed, exhausted, overly empathetic, or my nerves are just shot, Neurosculpting® is my go-to. 

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Check out my calendar for my latest classes and online workshops. If you’d like to begin studying privately with me, let’s set up a free call to learn more about Neurosculpting® meditation.

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Learn more about these proprietary practices at www.NeurosculptingInstitute.com